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Back To Basics!

Me entusiasme tanto con esa parodia que hice para Trixie que termine escribiendo un fan-fiction! Primera vez que escribo uno y encima se me ocurrio hacerlo en ingles. Lejos de ser mi mejor trabajo pero me sentio satisfecho con el!
Disfurtenlo despues del salto!

“¡Come, come! ¡Come closer, fillies and gentlecolts! ¡Come and hear the story of the Great and Powerful Trrrixie!!
“¡Oh, thank you! Thank you for your applause! It is true that the Great and Powerful Trixie has come to your humble village to honor you with her overwhelming presence and magical feats! ¡But for any newcomer on the audience that may not have heard of the Great and Powerful Trixie, if such a thing is even possible to begin with, let Trixie tell you all her story! ¡The story of the pony destined to be know as the most magical unicorn in all of Equestria, of how she made a name for herself by recalling when she saved the ponies of Hoofington of the terrible threat of the Ursa Mayor, a story mostly based on true facts; and then how she was humiliated by a spiteful little pony, jealous of the innate talent and feminine charms of Trixie! “
“¡So was Trixie on the porch of a rented cabin on the outskirts of the Everfree Forest, lamenting and cursing the one responsible for her misfortunes!
-       ¿They think they have seen the last of Trixie, haven’t they?- she yelled at the empty air.- ¡Well they haven’t! ¡Trixie will return and show them the most spectacular magical feats ever witnessed by pony eye! ¡She will regret the day she thought she could make a fool out of the Great and Powerful Trixie! ¡I shall regain my fame and name and get even with…TWILIGHT SPARKLE!!! ¡Yes, they will all see how magical and powerful Trixie really is!
Gotta get my cape and hat back, gotta repair my wagon,♪
'cause tonight I've gotta look my best, Trrrrrixie's back in town ♫

Gotta get a bunch of bits somewhere, gotta shine my hoofs and slick my mane, ♫
gotta get myself a corsage, Trrrrixie's back in town ♫

I´ll still claim I beat the Ursa Minor and I ain't gonna work on winter wrap-up ♪
and I´m going to be the showstopperrr Trrrrixie's back in townnn!!♫
So that night Trixie returned to Ponyville…
-       ¡Greetings, citizens of Ponyville! ¡The Great and Powerful Trixie has returned!
…but she wasn’t met by the committee she was expecting.
-       …what´s this? ¿How come nopony has come to greet Trixie? ¿Where are all the ponies? ¡You, filly! ¡Yes, you! ¡Trixie demands you tell her where are all the ponies of this town!
-       Ugh…on their houses?- answer a white unicorn with lavender mane.
-       Yeah because…is really late at night?- mocked an orange Pegasus with tomboyish purple mane.
-       ¡Hmph! ¡I see that rural ponies have such pedestrian manners! ¡Going to bed at such early hours of the night! ¡Commoners! ¡Very well, in that case the Great and Powerful Trixie commands you to taker to the presence of…ugh! Twilight Sparkle…
-       ¿Twilight? She ai´t ere fer the nigh´. She and ma sistah have come ta Canterlot!- said a yellow earth pony with a pink bow.
-        …come again?
-       She said that Twilight its not in town tonight.- answered the orange Pegasus
-       ¡Hey, a can talk fer myself!
-       My sisters, Twilight, Applebloom´s sisters and Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy have all gone to the Grand Galloping gala.- explained the white unicorn.
-       ¿WHAT? ¿The Grand Galloping Gala? ¿THE most exclusive and important event in all of the Equestria, where only the richest and most influent of ponies get invited, is held tonight and Twilight Sparkle and her commoner friends got invited instead of Trixie? ¿How is this even possible?- Trixie lamented taking her hoof in the air to the strangely perplexed look of the fillies.- ¿How in Celestia´s name has this happened? ¡It should be ME at the Grand Galloping Gala, making a show in the presence of the princess herself, dazzling her with my magical talent and getting invited to be the court´s magician not Twilight Sparkle! ¡I should have been invited to that party! ¡Oh, curses!
-       Eah, we know how ta feel.
-       …excuse me?
-       She said that she knows how that feels.
-       ¡I got that! ¡What I am asking is whatever do you mean by that? ¡You are only commoner’s ponies! ¿How could you understand the grief of Trixie being excluded of the most exclusive party in all of Equestria?
-       Well, there is a Gala tonight in Ponyville.- said the unicorn.
-       ¿There is?
-       Eah, Diamond Tiara is hoding her own Galloping gala …
-       …and of course we weren´t invited.
-       Because we don’t have our Cutie Marks.
The three fillies sighed with such volume that even Trixie notice it…
-       ¡It ain´t fair she navar invite us to her parties!
-       Yeah, and she is always bullying us! ¡Bragging about how special she is just because she has that dumb cutie mark of a tiara!
-       Yeah, ¿what does that meant anyway? ¿That her special talent is resting on somepony´s head?- joked the unicorn.
-       ¡Yeah!
-       ¿And what’s wrong about bragging?
-       ¿Uh?
-       ¡I said what´s the problem with bragging you?! ¡If you have a special talent that makes you unique, ¿why shouldn’t you presume it to others? ¡You shouldn’t have to hide what makes you unique!
-       Well…no. But ma sister said that just because a pony is special she shoun´t gone around showin' it off like a school-filly with fancy new ribbons.
-       ¡Well, she is WRONG! ¿What’s the point of having a special talent if nopony knows about it? ¡If you don’t make the world notice you, you will become a background pony that goes unnoticed and that nopony get your name right! ¡Trixie will never that happen to her! ¡She will prove to everypony that she is the most magical and talented unicorn in all of Equestria!
-       But my sister said that just because one has the ability to perform lots of magic doesn’t´ make her better than the rest.
-       ¿Oh, really? She said so? Well, can she do…THIS!
And Trixie then gather all her magical energy and took command of the forces of nature, gathering dark cloud to form a giant storm front that started to take the form of Princess Luna herself and then they broke in lighting changing into the silhouette of the dreadful Nightmare Moon before disappearing in the night sky.
-       *ah ah* can she do that?
-       ¡No, she can´t! ¡That was amazing!
-       ¡It was amazing! ¡I don’t think even Rainbow Dash could do something like that!
-       ¡Yer incredible, miz Trixie!
-       Well of course I am. Now *fiuu* fillies…-
-       ¡Sweetie Belle!
-       ¡Applebloom!
-       ¡Scootalloo!
-       I didn’t ask for your names but well, since Trixie´s rival has so cowardly left town, Trixie must find some bits in order to make her leave. Now, I need to find the richest pony in town and perhaps perform a private function for him…
-       ¿Tha richest pony in tawn? at would be Filthy Rich, Diamond Tiara´s dad.
-       ¡Perfect then! ¡Take me to his house, fillies!
-       He is not there. He is in Sugarcube Corner making Diamond´s party.
-       ¡Then take me to this Sugarcube Corner, fillies!
And they did all the way hearing Trixie´s stories about her dangerous adventures during the weeks she lived on the Everfree Forest.
-       ¿Yes? - asked Filthy Rich after Trixie knocked the door.
-       ¡Howdy-howdy-pal! ¡Me Trixie the magician, ta-raaa! ¡What your daughter´s party needs is a show of my magic act! ¡It´s just a flash of my magical horn!- then Trixie showed Filthy some simple but still impressive magical numbers.- ¿Now do I get the show?
-       …no.
-       ¡Wait wait! ¡But you haven´t see all of Trixie´s act and-and she will work for the minimum!
-       ¿Minimum?
-       A-ha…
-       Well, I was needing something of an act. Okay, you are hired.
-       ¡Yes, yes, thank you! ¡You won’t be disappointed, I promise good si…mule!
-       ¿Ya get tha job, miz Trixie?
-       ¡But of course, child! ¡ With just a glimpse of Trixie´s magical talent he was begging for me to perform for her daughter and Trixie, humble and generous as she is, accepted spare some minutes of her already full sketch to entertain some fillies!
-       ¡Woa, Trixie you really are that magical! ¡We thought that Snips and Snail were exaggerating but you´re that wonderful!
-       Ha, tell that to that fools of the Magic School in Canterlot! They reject me for years once I finally get in they expelled me under “unethical behavior”. Ha, if like Trixie could bother to study for written exams. Let other worry about such pedestrian exigency.
-       ¡But you do have so much talent for magic! ¡That must be why you have a magic wand for a Cutie Mark!
-       Well, obviously my child.
-       We still are trying ta get our Cutie Marks but ta no avail.
-       Maybe if we listen to the story of how you get your it will inspire us, Trixie!
-       Well, it is a fascinating story. Okay, sit down my little ponies and listen. I was but a mere little foal back on my hometown when the most talent magician to have ever lived, harry Hoofdiini, honored us with his presence! ¡It was the most magnificent act of magic ever seen by pony eye! ¡He made a rope levitate, he made bunnies come out his hat, he even escaped from a water death-trap! ¡It was then in that moment when everypony was holding its breath, terrified that he will never come out of that sack and then we heard his voice behind us and he was safe and sound if a little wet on the other side of the stage, that I knew that being a showmare was my destiny! ¡I even get to speak to him when I went on the back alley behind the theater and when I told him I was going to be a magician he pulled a rose from behind my ear and told me he will be waiting for me on the most fabulous city in Equestria, where the dreams of all fillies and colts are fulfilled…
-       ¿Ponyville?
-       No, child. Manehattan it is.
There is just one place where you can make yourself a name
Become well know, taste all the fame
And became the pony they will all talk about
To become popular, a successful entrepreneur
A celebrity unicorn, a magician with reputation
and be showered in diamonds ♪

Manehattan it is, the place where you need to be
if you wish to be know across Equestria
Manehattan it is, the city where your dreams will fulfill
and be the most magical being short of Celestia ♫
¿Think I will be known?
¡You bet I will be known!
I reach the level of Great Hoofdini
Making great shows, letting the audience awe struck
so well regarded as Tell & Taler
I´ll be adored, I´ll be applauded
and make them  forget about David Clopperfield
I'll fill the theaters and also the stadiums
make all the mares green of jealousy... Well, can´t help being fabulous!

Manehattan it is, where my destiny awaits ♪
and I prove to all what a fool is Twilight Sparkle
Manehattan it is, fame and fortune await for me
the biggest stage for the greatest showmare
It is in Manehattan...! ♫

It goes without saying the fillies were clopping enthusiast at my performance.
-       ¡Thank you! ¡Thank you!
-       ¡That was fabulous, Trixie!- said the white unicorn.
-       Yes, it was. And it would have been even better have I still have my cape and hat but alas I lost them after the “incident”
-       Ugh…¡I have and idea! ¡Wait here, Trixie! ¡Come on, girls!- yelled the white unicorn and before Trixie could ask them what all the commotion was about they were gone. Trixie smiled and decided to take a late lunch break.- Two blocks of sugar, please- she asked the waiter.
-       I´m sorry, miss. Seems we ran out of sugar.
A few minutes before Trixie´s performance the three fillies returned hoofing.
-       ¡We did it, Trixie!- yell the unicorn.
-       ¿Did what, child?- and said “what” was a gift for Trixie, a reproduction of her old cape and hat, made with fine fabrics but decorated with crayons and stickers on a very childish idea of what a magician cape was supposed to look like.
-       We did it in just fifteen minutes so I’m sure it´s not very good but…hope you liked it.- said the unicorn waiting for Trixie to answer.
-       Ah I-its very…pretty.
-       Oh, you don’t like it.
-       No no no, I didn’t say that! I mean, Trixie never say anything like that. While an amateur work Trixie finds it very…commendable and approves of it.
-       ¿So you’ll wear it?
-       Ah…- hard to disappoint those big hopeful eyes.- Well, yes i-Trixie will.
-       Well, for a replacement its pretty…wearable.
-       Told you she´ll like it.- said the orange Pegasus.
-       ¿And what´s all this other fabrics?- Trixie asked and pointed at at least five meters of fabrics that the girls have brought dragging of their flanks.
-       …leftovers.- they answer in unison.
-       Well, Trixie find your present acceptable and will wear it on tonight´s performance.
-       Oh, okay.
-       Good luck with tha show, mizz Trixie.
The three fillies looked so down that Trixie´s hearth couldn’t help but melt.
-       You know? Trixie will be needing assistants for her performance.
-       ¿Really? - the three asked.
-       Yes. Somepony that drags heavy boxes, pulls the curtains and the like. ¿You know of anypony who may help Trixie?
-       ¡We´ll do it!- they said in unison.
-       Humm, well you did a good job with Trixie´s attire so you are accepted.
Touched by the child´s enthusiasm to assist her, Trixie led the fillies into the backstage.
Inside the bakery they were at least a dozen fillies and colts, all nicely dressed and pretending in a lovely manner that they were on a high calls-society party.
With a flash of light and a surge of purple smoke, Trixie made her entrance.
-       ¡Attention everypony and be prepared to be dazzled by the magical feats of the Great and Powerful Trrrixie!
Again, Trixie didn’t get the welcoming she was expecting.
-       ¿A magician? ¿He hired a magician?- said a pink pony with a tiara on her head.
-       How lame.- said her bespectacled grey friend.
-       Not just any magician, my little ponies; but the greatest and most magical unicorn of all has decided to perform on your party. Now, ¿where is the birthday pony?
-       This is not a birthday party but it is MY party and I don’t want a second-rate magician ruined it with some pathetic pre-school magic tricks.
-       Yeah.
-       Humph, well in that case Trixie´s won’t waste anymore time in here. She will just cash her money and leave.- and Trixie reached her hood to mister Rich who just crossed his forelegs.
-       No show, no money, Miss Trixie.
-       Ugh! Fine, I´ll do the show.- but before Trixie could start she was approached by two unicorn colts.
-       ¡Hi Trixie!
-       Autographs will be held after the show. Thank you.
-       No, Trixie. ¿you don’t remember us?
-       ¿Should I?
-       We were on your first performance in town.
-       Yeah, we are the ones that get you expel-ouch!
-       He means we´re the ones responsible for the whole Ursa Minor thing. ¿Remember?- said the chubby gray one.
-       I do remember the “incident”
-       ¿So, you’re mad at us?- asked the skinny yellow one.
-       ¿Why should I? Trixie held no grudge against anypony except for Twilight Sparkle. Trixie can’t stand someone as boastful and shallow as her. But enough about that. Trixie´s performance is about to begin. ¡pay attention, everypony! ¡The show begins!
-       ¡Ha! Now I remember you! ¡You were that travelling magician that almost got the town destroyed!
-       Yeah, you said you expelled the Ursa Major but when confronted by a bay ursa you ran out crying. ¡You are nothing but a phony!
-       Oh, am I? Let me tell you that Trixie is a wordl-wide renowned entertainer whose fame extends form Hoofington to Fillydelphia. Every town was expecting of Trixie´s visit knowing what a celebrity she was and they all receive her with open forelegs that is until Trixie arrive to an ungrateful and jealous town where she was…humiliated.
Just like Princess Luna
was send to the moon ♪
Trixie was fooled
by a spiteful purple unicorn
Oh boy, she was humiliated!
She was giving her life performance
everypony was content ♫
but the pony have to play hero
and make Trixie a fool to laugh at
Humiliated! ♫
She clearly humiliated me!
Boy, I am ashamed
Oy, I'm so embarrassed
I was made look like a coward
I was forcibly run out of town!
I am not responsible ♪
Twilight Sparkle is to blame
She used some fancy spells
that made Trixie look like an amateur!
I'm so upset
Did I mention I was humiliated?
I used to be the queen of stage
But now I am nothing but the fool at the parade
I lost all my reputation ♪
Now I demand retaliation!
Twilight Sparkle took everything from me. She crushed my wagon. She stole my cape and hat and I want them back!
My hat cost me seventeen bits
But wait...there is more to tell you all
How did it all begin? ♪
Trixie just made an innocent dare
“¡Anything you can do, Trixie will do better!”
“¿Can ya make this lasso trick?”
“¡No, but I can hog-tie you like a pig!”
"They don’t call me Rainbow and Dash for nothing, yo"
"They will just call you Loser once Trixie is through"
"An unicorn conducts herself with beauty and grace!"
"Let´s see how prideful you are when I turn green your mane!”
“¡Once again Trixie remain superior if you ever have any doubt!”
“¡Then we brought you an ursa for you to vanquish!”
"¿Are you crazy, ponies? ¡Nopony can vanquish an Ursa! It was just a made-up tale!"
Well it seems you really can ♪
Twilight Sparkle showed up to make me look bad
I was forced to escape on a smoke curtain
You stay to be this pathetic town heroine!
I have return to prove you
that I´m still the best unicorn! ♫
Anything Twilight Sparkle can do
I will doubled it! ♫
I'm so prepared
to make her paid
when she made me fell...
Humiliated! ♪
Of course, such a sophisticated act was meant to be appreciated by a grown-up audience.
-       *Cough* Very well, enough of that. Trixie is not here to worry your little head with her problems but to bring you a world of magnificent acts. Assistants, come forth!
They all showed up with the costumes I design in a breeze. Sweetie Belle mentioned something about her sister will find them “tacky” and that a filly shouldn’t show so much of her flank but ¿what does she knows?
-       ¿What are this losers doing in MY party?
-       They are my assistants. They are here to help me show you the most impressive magical trick in all the history of Equestria. You see, here we have an unicorn, an earth pony and a Pegasus. ¿And what do you have if you combine this three types of pony?
-       ¿A trio of losers?
-       No, you have an alicorn. A magical being on the same level as the princesses. And now I will show you how I will create my own alicorn!
-       ¡That´s impossible! ¡There are only two alicorns!
-       Ha, ¿you think so? ¡I´ll prove you wrong! ¡Assistants get into the boxes!
The three child get into the purple boxes I have acquired at the market then I made a smoke curtain and some magic flashes for all the purposes of appearance before making my horn glow to bring the three boxes together and lined them up one atop the other and when I was sure everypony attention was on the box I pull a final flash light and the boxes opened revealing a magnificent winged unicorn with a purple and starry mane and glorious lavender wings.
-       ¡No way!- said the boys.
-       ¡She is beautiful!- said the girls.
-       ¡Th-this is impossible!
-       ¡A-ha! ¡This is the extent of the power of the Great and Powerful Trrrrixie!
-       ¡Auch, Sweetie Belle that may mane!
-       ¡Ouh, Appleboom get of me!
-       ¡Hey, watch were you´re touching Scootallo!
Said discussion came from within the purple alicorn that started to tremble and lose shape until finally exploding. My concentration broken the illusion spell was gone and the leftover fabrics hanging by my magic fell to the ground, revealing the three fillies inside them.
-       ¡HA! ¡So much for your “alicorn”! ¡You´re nothing that a phony, all your magic tricks are fake!
-       Well, of course child. I´m a showmare. Every magic trick is faked.
-       But Tuailish shaid that real masih comes from the heartsh.- said a bespectacled pony with a prominent nose.
-       ¿Oh, she said that? I am sure you think she is always right, don’t you little pony? ¿Has your beautiful and all-wise Twilight Sparkle dared to venture into the dark woods of the Everfree Forest? ¿Has she dared to ruin her pristine and soft mane facing a pack of furious Timber Wolves? I don’t think such a cute bookworm like her would take such a chance…
-       ¿Unlike you, Trixie?-  I was took by surprise by the yellow colt.
-       ¡Of course! ¡The Great and Powerful after being humiliated by Twilight Sparkled was forced to live in the savage Everfree Forest facing against terrible beast! ¡She endure a most exhausting training on the wilderness in order to master ancient and powerful magic and be able to make tricks that not even the princesses themselves will dare pull!  
Trixie examined their faces and found them full of doubt.
-       ¿You don’t believe Trixie?
-       We´re not falling on the same trick twice.- said the chubby unicorn.
-       Yes, we need to see you do something amazing ourselves.- reassured the skinny one.
-       ¿And what do you expect me to do? ¿To bring you all to the Everfree Forest and show you how I battle a monster there?
-       ¡I can´t believe where are going to the Everfree Forest!
-       ¡It´s the only way you can prove you are not a phony!- said the silver haired filly.
-       ¡Yes bu-but the party…
-       Don’t worry. I told my dad you were taking us to watch the next number on an open field which IS the truth.- said the pink one.
-       ¡Yes but now I have become responsible for the whole lot of you!
-       ¡Dontcha worry, mizz Trixie! ¡I took this raut everyday to visit ma friend Zecora´s hut! ¡We´ll be allrighty!
-       ¿Zecora?
-       ¡She is a zebra!
-       ¡A zebra!- Trixie touch her face in horror.- ¿What´s a zebra?
-       …really?
A few minutes of walking later with Trixie pretending to be scared of the noises at the forest with the intention of making the children scared so they will all return to the bakery before something bad happened.
-       Well children, here we are the Froggy Bottom Bog, where Trixie endured her intense training…
-       ¿And then?
-       Yeah Trixie, ¿what did you do in here?
-       Well you see ahh a-ha! See that burned thump there?
-       …yes.
-       Well, Trixie is the one responsible! She developed a form magic that fires concentrated beams of magical energy!
-       Tch. Lame.- said the silver haired one
-       Actually Trixie I think that was just a lighting.- said the orange Pegasus.
-       ¡It wasn’t a lighting! Ah, I-I´ll show you!
Trixie wasn’t sure the magic trick will work again without the proper preparation but she concentrated all her power into a beam of light that hit a thump making it burn a little.
-       ¿See?
Except for the white unicorn clopping enthusiast the rest looked pretty disappointed. So Trixie tried once again this time with more power being able to cause a fire in the thump.
-       ¡A-ha! ¿See, children? Well, I rather have surprised expressions instead of that terrified ones you have. ¿Why are you looking at me like th-
Trixie turned over and, as you can easily assume, discover the true reason for the children horror induced expressions. Because it wasn’t a thump that Trixie have burned but the side o a very pissed off…Hydra! A three-headed reptilian monstrosity that woke up with the explicit intention of devour them all.
Trixie let go a rather unlady-like shrike and order all the children to run for their lives. Unfortunately one of the children got stuck in the mud.
-       ¡Help me, Silver Spoon!
In a rather commendable action all the fillies and colts worked together with Trixie to release the frightened filly. The hydra wasn’t willing to let that happen and loomed over the children.
-       ¡Don’t touch the children, monster!- Trixie interposed, trying to gather all the courage she could. The three head of the monster seemed to ponder for a seconds before agreeing to devour the anyways.- ¡I Said You Won´t Touch Them!
Trixie gathered all other magical energy. She wasn´t sure what spell to pull so she thought about the one she was more comfortable with, an illusion spell. Her intention was to distract the hydra for just a few minutes. The three heads looked at each other with puzzled eyes and then they tried to devour each other for some reason. The spell has obviously worked, perhaps not the way Trixie had planned but nevertheless it had worked. Trixie pulled the filly free and they all run to the safety of the town.
-       *fiuu* We are saf-
-       ¡THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU! ¡You saved us all, Trixie! ¡You really are the most magical unicorn in Equestria! ¡I´ll tell my dad to give you five bags of bits, miss Trixie! ¡Ye are our heroine, mizz Trixie!
-       Ah I-Trix-Sh-I´m glad you are all right, children- and Trixie returned their hug.
Diamond Tiara kept her promise and didn’t mention the danger they were exposed. With the money she got Trixie purchased a new wagon and while she never recovered her cape and hat she gain something better.
Trixie learned a valuable lesson. That fame and recognition not a prize you should demand but a reward you earn through hard work and setting an example.
So she came back here to her home town of Throttingham to get a fresh start. To study magic once again, to re-discovered the thrill of any new trick learned, the joy of an audience satisfied and knowing that a new friend is waiting for her one very town form here all the way to her dreams on Manehattan! 
I tasted fame an attention but lost them all to pride
fail to notice a genuine helping hoof
but I earn my second chance and wont repeat my mistakes
back to basics, that’s the way!
and make myself great and powerful for reaaalll! ♫

Back to basics, that´s the right way!
Hard work and honest words it’s the way to get your dreams!

Back to basics, no shortcuts and definitely no cheats!
Set an example for every colt and filly! ♫

I won´t put the blame on anyone but myself
get my act together again and not forget to make amends!
I´ll show all you I can change and become someone better!
you can reach your dreams too if you follow me suittt!!

Back to basics, I´ll start over again!
Back to basics, I´ll relearn the showmare´s wayyy!

Back to basics, I´ll reach the top of the stairs! ♪
Back to basics, I´m sure that fame waits for me!

I won´t be jealous, I won´t be boastful but I also don´t plan to resign my pride
We´ll show them all! Yes, you will reach it too! We can prove that everyone is a number one!

Back to basics, oh yeay! ♪
Back to basics, hard work is ought to pay!
Back to basics, fame is not so unreachable!
Back to basics, I´m sure we will all win!
Back to basics, come on and dance with me!
Back to basics, sing along with Trixie!
Back to basics, it´s the only way to wiiiinnn!

Back to basics! ♫
The showmare descend form the stage, still clad on that childish cape and hat, happy to sing any autographs and receive every gift.
-       ¡That was the greatest show ever!
-       ¡Why, thank you my little pony! Now, ¿to whose name I´m signing this?
-       ¡Pipsqueak, ma´m! Said, my family is moving to Ponyville soon…
-       Well, it´s a beautiful town, child.
-       ¿You think I´ll make friends in there, Miss Trixie?
-       ¡I´m sure you will, Little Pip! Just remember to work hard every day and never turn your back on anypony that offers to help you!- she said, messing with his mane.
-        ¡I will, ma´m!
-       Oh, and another thing. If you happen to run into Twilight Sparkle…- she said looming with a menacing face over the pony….- tell her that Trixie says…thanks!

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