jueves, 21 de junio de 2012

My thoughts on the end of House

Eight Seasons. 177 episodes.

Just like the title character, I´m a man of routine. I love having a series to follow in a weekly basis (and that´s why the pony-less summer is driving me crazy). I never realized that for almost a decade I have been watching House every single day.

It was just there, whenever I want it to see it. Any episode of any season will be airing and I must have watched them all at least twice.

House is a series that joined me during my transition into an adult. It began when I was 18 and it ended a little while after I turned 26. With each passing year my life grew more miserable, as did House´s.

Watching that character fall even deepr, from being send to an asylum, to being throw in jail, to lose the love of his life and his best and almost only friend; and I have to give kudos to the writer for made me like such a pathetic character.

I´m a fan of underdogs, form Naruto Uzumaki to Scootaloo, but House was an atypical case of one. He was successful but he wasn´t satisfied with said success. He was a sort of “idiotic genius”, brilliant on his field but ignorant of everyone else accomplishment. Just like Sherlock Holmes, the character he is based on.

Watch House small moments of happiness yanked away from him were always the worst moments for me. I ended up relating to this fictional character. His struggle to solve a puzzle, always failing until the last ten minutes of the show when he will have an Eureka Moment and finally discover that one thing that will solve the case, reminded me of my struggle to write a good story, failing every time until I found that one sentence that made the whole story fall together in one piece.

I won´t say the series was perfect. Some episodes felt like filler and some scenes like padding. Seasons 4 and 5 were kinda the lowest point but the end result after eight years was an enjoyable journey.

As a brony, one of my biggest fears is for My Little Pony to end on its 65 episode, be canceled in a regular episode with no sense of closure and that would left a bitter taste in my mouth. Spectacular Spider-Man suffered that fate, Transformers Animated had a sort of ending but it wasn´t satisfying, Lazer magazine, the most influential magazine about comics and animation on the sotuern hemisphere was cancelled due to pressure and it died an anonymous death; all those deaths left a scar in me because they were not endings, they were abrupt cuts. A curtain suddenly falling on top of my head.

House had a proper ending. A journey of eight years ended with a solid resolution. After eight years of suffering, after eight years of searching for the answer, to understand what was the point of living, House found an answer, took an opportunity and finally found peace and happiness along with a promise of better times. Some may call that ending bittersweet, I found it happy. At the end the answer is just very simple…smile.

I saw Doctor Gregory House smile at the very end. For real. A genuine smile of happiness, not a smug of confidence and sarcasm but a wide smile of genuine joy.

I´m stills searching for that smile on my face but if Dr. House was able to find it, then I´m confident I will too.

Maybe I just need to hear to Buddy Bolden´s advice…

“The nasty and dirty…

Take it away.”

martes, 19 de junio de 2012

lunes, 11 de junio de 2012

El Rincon Literario de Equestria 1

Bienvenidos, everypony! Aqui dejare el registro del rincon literario de Equestria donde hare recomendaciones de fan-fics de My Little Pony

El Rincon Literario de Equestria 1

Recomendaciones de hoy:

On a Cross and Arrow por Conner Cogwork: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/755/On-a-Cross-and-Arrow

The 63rd Rune por Alexstrazsa: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/19/The-63rd-Rune

Royal Pains por PononymousPony: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/5355/Royal-Pains

jueves, 8 de marzo de 2012

elusive suit song

Woo-hoo! I got featured in Equestrianet again! And to celebrate here it is "Elusive Suit Song!"
This song is dedicated to philesterman10 and CyberBanjo the bronies that really got me into My Little Pony. I didn´t get into this because of Twilight and her friends but because of Duskshine and HIS friends.
Come on, Hasbro and Studio B! You brought us Derpy! You can make a tip of the hat to Duskshine and the gang! (On second thoughts...not, you will ruin it like Derpy)

miércoles, 22 de febrero de 2012

On a Cross and Arrow (lyrics)

Soy un admirador del trabajo de philsterman10 y despues de escuchar sus duetos de Pinkie Pie y Bubble Berry me senti inspirado y escribi unas posibles letras si las canciones las cantaran realmente los dos juntos.
Estoy contento con el resultado especialmente con el tema de la familia Swizzle. Se que es no la gran cosa pero me parecieron algo divertido para hacer.
Ojala tuviese un microfono para cantarlas...
Por supuesto el verdadero credito va para Daniel Ingram por componer las canciones y a philsterman10 por su excelnte interpetacion de las versiones masculinas del Mane Cast. Ah, y a mlp.wikia por las lyrics en las que me base!

viernes, 17 de febrero de 2012

Back To Basics!

Me entusiasme tanto con esa parodia que hice para Trixie que termine escribiendo un fan-fiction! Primera vez que escribo uno y encima se me ocurrio hacerlo en ingles. Lejos de ser mi mejor trabajo pero me sentio satisfecho con el!
Disfurtenlo despues del salto!

jueves, 16 de febrero de 2012

Trrixie´s back in town!!

Gotta get my cape and hat back, gotta repair my wagon,
'cause tonight I've gotta look my best, Trrrrrixie's back in town

Gotta get a bunch of bits somewhere, gotta shine my hoofs and slick my mane,
gotta get myself a corsage, Trrrrixie's back in town

I´ll still claim I beat the Ursa Minor and I ain't gonna work on winter wrap-up
and I´m going to be the showstopperrr Trrrrixie's back in town

jueves, 26 de enero de 2012

Trabaja, trabaja!

Esta hermosa imagen de http://ravishingdiamonds.blogspot.com/  refleja perfectamente mi estado actual, atorado en una quincena de proyectos sin poder terminar ninguno...
Calculo volver a actualizar regularmente a partir de Marzo, preferentemente con un ritmo semanal. Ganas hay. Lo que faltan son contadores. No, esperen, asi no era el dicho...anyways, ahora mismo estoy como la pobre Rarity viendo la nada.
He estado leyendo como buen brony una buena cantidad de fan-fictions y quizas despues suba mis opiniones, llore como un hijo de puta con My Little Dashie, Bittersweet y el final de On a Cross and Arrow. ¿Como mierda hace este fandom para crear cosas tan tan taaannn buenas y con sentimiento? ¡He estado leyendo fan-fictions que le rompen soberanamente el orto a peliculas ganadoras del Oscar y animes multi-franquicias! No hay forma de explicarlo. Ser un brony va mas alla de pertenecer a un fandom, realmente es un sentimiento...
Oh bueno, dicen que la actividad fisica es la mejor forma de superar el bloqueo artistico asi que hare como Pinkie Pie aqui abajo!

martes, 10 de enero de 2012

Es oficial: Soy un Brony

Como muchos había oido acerca de la nueva version de Mi Pequeño Pony pero mi reaccion había sido bastante pobre, sabia que Lauren Faust estaba involucrada asi que me esperaba un nivel de calidad similar a Mansion Foster pero no tenía muchos deseos de verla realmente; de a poco los comentarios de que era basicamente "Transformers Animated" (el mejor cartoon de Transformers de todos) de mi Pequeño Pony me intrigó pero tuvo que pasar mucho tiempo para que me decidiera a ver un capitulo en cuanto el doblaje al latino se confirmó, lo vi y me gusto, vi un segundo capitulo...y caí en el trance.
Ahora soy simplemente un brony mas y no podia estar mas contento.